It's only ruddy SUMMER people! Wasn't it Christmas only the other day? A-n-y-way... summer it is and, as anyone doing their best to juggle work with bringing up children, seeing friends/family, keeping the house decent-looking enough to invite aforementioned friends/family over, knows... there's a lot to manage in the general bid to have fun and enjoy the summer hols. So we've put together a l'il listy that will hopefully assist you in the logistical ludicrousity that is HOLIDAY SEASON...

1. Play with your children for a good 20 minutes on DAY ONE and earn yourself a POWER HOUR with which to zap through as much housework and general chores as you can. This can sometimes be a good strategy when you need to keep the house in order but still want to devote time to being fun and engaging and approachable mummatron. Devote some time to really play - build dens, draw and colour in your own SUPERHEROES, build and complete an obstacle course, climb trees, get stuck, climb down; get muddy and, as our MANIFESTO says "EXPLORE"

Here are a bunch of games and ideas to help encourage your children to get away from the TV and tablet and get outdoors more this summer.

2. Make time to make memories. Schedule in some activities and epic adventures which you will all get something out of and enjoy. Take lots of photos so you can revisit and relive those moments forever more, optimising the enjoyment and making this summer a hit.

3. Book those kids clubs/camps so you can get at least some work done and be prepared to do some of your work (or self-care) in the evenings. This year B is booked in to Forest School for two days, Football camp for two days and Fun Activity camp for a few days so I can work and write.

4. Book time to see your POSITIVE PEEPS - those people who lift you up and make you feel good. Schedule picnics, trips to the local farm, play dates, BBQs. Get them in the diary pronto before they get snapped up and become unavailable.

5. Give yourself the gift of some well-earned ME-TIME! Book a massage or facial or manicure. You deserve it. Please. Do it now. 

6. Get away. Even if you are not going away abroad or camping for a weekend, go on a day trip or even camp a night in the garden.

7. Stock up on essential suppplies. Colouring stuff, fruit from which to make smoothies, buckets and spades and of course SUPER COOL T-SHIRTS from your favourite CLIMBINGTREESKIDS.COM STORE...  Yay!