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They didn't have any dinosaur tops for girls. So we created some.

I’m a mum with a 7 year old daughter. She cares about what she wears. We went to buy her a top with a dinosaur on it, but they didn’t have one. So we made it.

Does your daughter love dinosaurs and robots and opt for pirates over princesses and frogs over fairies?

Welcome to Climbing Trees where you’ll find a range of bright and bold 100% cotton t-shirts designed by up-and-coming British designers and screen-printed in the UK.

Since my daughter was 4 we've bought most of her clothes from the boys aisle because the stuff she loves doesn't exist in the girls aisle. The point is, we shouldn't have to, so we've created our own range.

When I was little, I loved Climbing Trees. My daughter does too. So Climbing Trees became our brand.

What’s more, because we like trees, (and climbing them) 50p from each t-shirt sold goes to The Woodland Trust to plant more of them.

This is our clothing range.

We hope you like the range as much as we do. 

Much love from

Cheryl & B
Because girls like dinosaurs, pirates and robots too!

Call 07717 783904 to speak with us or click here to get in touch.

Do you recognise this mum?

In the school playground she hears a grandma tell her football-loving daughter, ‘ooh, football? You should’ve been a boy. A young boy asks her ‘why does your daughter like boy things?’ This reminds her of the time her then-four-year-old-daughter wanted her face painted as ‘Spiderman’. But that’s for boys! How about a nice butterfly?’ said the face-painter(!) True story! *Face palm*

She just wants her little girl to be treated as an equal – as a child – and she wishes, although having bought clothes for her daughter from the boys’ aisle ever since she was 3 years old, that she could find something in the girls’ section that her daughter might love. She’s miffed with being bombarded with limited definitions of what it means to be a girl on a daily basis. She wants her daughter’s world to grow not shrink; she wants her daughter to enjoy a childhood free from restrictions. Nobody should tell a child what they are supposed to like/wear/play with. This is the 21st century.  

She hopes that the world will change and become less harsh and judgemental so that people may just BE, without worry or restrictions or being put into boxes.

That mum is me. Hi *waves*. I'm Cheryl Rickman, co-founder of Climbing Trees. My 7 year old daughter is the other co-founder. We came up with the idea for Climbing Trees when she was 4 but it's taken us a while to make it happen. But now, here we are. This is OUR STORY...

Cheryl Rickman and her daughter - co founders of Climbing Trees

Our Story

Frustrated with stereotypical clothing designed for little girls, and having struggled for years to find clothes in the girls’ aisle that my dinosaur-loving football-fanatic daughter loved, we decided to launch our own range together featuring the dinosaurs, monsters and pirates that were once exclusive to boys' clothing.

In doing so, Climbing Trees gives girls a choice not previously offered to them and enables them to escape the limited definitions that retailers box them into. The Climbing Trees range of brightly-coloured custom-made t-shirts feature motifs that have, until now, been reserved for ‘boys only’. Featuring cute dinosaurs carrying flowers and splashing in puddles; female robots with bows in their hair and hearts on their monitors; a feisty girl pirate, a snazzy she-rex and a rainbow rocket, the cotton t-shirts are designed  and screen-printed in the UK.

Since my daughter was 4 we've bought most of her clothes from the boys' aisle because the stuff she loves doesn't exist in the girls' aisle. The point is we shouldn't have to!

We don’t want to rid the world of hearts and flowers or pink. We just want to flip the gender stereotypes on their head to provide girls with a choice not previously offered to them.

We all know that children have varying tastes. Some girls don’t like princesses or pink at all. Some LOVE those things. Indeed, many parents have told us that their daughters love pink and sparkles but also love climbing trees, getting muddy and playing football; dressing up as a princess one day and a knight the next. We wanted to reclaim motifs that have been reserved for boys and give girls the chance to wear them too, without always having to buy them from the boys’ department.

Our range isn’t so much gender-neutral as gender-empowering – we purposely seek out motifs aimed at boys and give them a mash-up with motifs aimed at girls. We wanted to create a sufficiently bold and bright range that would give girls more choice than the polarized pink princesses and kittens currently offered to them.

About Cheryl and B: The Mother and Daughter Team behind Climbing Trees

Cheryl Rickman is no stranger to business, having written extensively about the topic for over a decade. As an author and a ghostwriter, Cheryl has written a book for a BBC Dragon and recently worked with Annabel Karmel on her book, Mumpreneur. Her first book, The Small Business Start-Up Workbook was published in 2005 and features a Foreword written by the late great Dame Anita Roddick. Her latest book, The Flourish Handbook, aims to enable people to make the most of their lives and flourish and, with Climbing Trees, Cheryl is on a mission "to empower girls to be all they can be and feel good about themselves without gender-imposed limitations or restrictions."

Says Cheryl, " I want to live in an ACCEPTING world where we have the choice and freedom to be our true whole authentic selves instead of feeling forced to conform to limited definitions which restrict our ability to shine with confidence and flourish.”

B, aged 7 is Cheryl's only daughter. She is a little bit obsessed with playing football. She plays it with the boys at school at break time and, as soon as she gets home.

She also loves climbing trees, making books, drawing and writing stories; oh, and she loves going to Forest School camps in the summer holidays, playing in her tree-house and building dens in her garden.

Within one month of launching we were featured in a lot of newspaper articles and created a bit of a buzz. Tee-hee... little us got some big press :-) Our media kit is downloadable here.


We also won the #WOW award


'Got my order! So cute..and soft. I wasn't expecting that so..bonus! I didn't even realize my 2.5 yr old daughter wanted a rocket shirt until she went crazy about the design on the website. She wanted the shirt on the minute she saw it.'
Amy, Falmouth

'Just got my order - really impressed with the quality, they're so soft! Can't wait to show M her t-shirts and cool badges in the morning - thank you so much!'
Becky, Watford

'My She-Rex squealed when she realised she finally got a dinosaur t-shirt as her brother has quite a collection. She is also sporting her super-cool free badges which we love!  We bought the manifesto too! It will take pride of place in the playroom so both kids can be inspired by it every day. Thank you so much for developing this range!'
Estella, Southampton

'We love our dinosaur shirt all the way in Ohio, USA! She's so excited to have her very own dinosaur shirt like her big brother. In her birthday interview she said it was her favorite thing to wear! Pretty high compliment from a toddler.'
Lacey, Amherst, Ohio

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