Our Mission

Climbing Trees Mission, Manifesto & Motto

The Mission


To empower children to be all they can be without gender-imposed limitations or restrictions; to equip them with a can-do attitude; to enable them to believe in themselves, to feel good about themselves and to be proud of who they are, what they like and who they hope to become as they grow.

We aim to empower little children to be themselves; to enable them to find clothes which relate to and reflect who they are and what they like. The definition of the girl in today's retail marketplace is incredibly narrow and limited. We want them to feel that it's ok not to conform to those limited definitions.

If you’d like to help us and The Climbing Trees Girls to change the options that are presented to our girls – to show them that they have more choice, that they aren’t confined to limitations - to equip them with strong self-belief, please sign up to the Climbing Trees newsletter to stay abreast of our campaigns, special offers and useful links and join our Facebook Group: Climbing Trees Girls Like Dinosaurs Too.

Raise your hands up against gender stereotyping of girls as passive and pink. Let our daughters be ACTIVE and BRIGHT AND BOLD. Let them be authentic and free.

The Manifesto

Here is the Climbing Trees Manifesto. Please feel free to share. You can do this by right clicking with your mouse over the image, clicking 'save as' and then uploading it across social media.

Or you might prefer to pin it on Pinterest? However you share, we'd love it if you could help us to spread this manifesto far and wide.

Buy an A3 Poster Version.
And, if you’d like to order a print for your child’s bedroom, you can buy an A3 poster by clicking here.

Meet Eva, Maxi and B our very own Climbing Trees Girls characters here.






    The Motto

    In a nutshell, the Climbing Trees Movement is about more than just clothing. It’s about INDEPENDENCE, CHOICE, ACTION (& NATURE) (I CAN). Furthermore, it’s about saying I CAN wear what I like and play with what I like; I am free to actively choose rather than passively accept limited stereotypes which would restrict who I am and what I like.

    As such, the Climbing Trees Motto is I CAN.

    If you're one of the first 500 customers - look out for your special surprise in your Climbing Trees parcel.

    Because no girl should ever lose their EPIC ESSENCE of who they are just because retailers and society tell them that something is ‘for boys only’ They deserve better!

    Let’s empower our daughters to think and say:

    I CAN wear this

    I CAN be this

    I CAN do this.

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