The Climbing Trees Girls

Meet Eva, Maxi and B - the Climbing Trees Girls - three active, bold and adventurous girls who today's little girls can relate to.

Girls need strong and relatable role models. The Climbing Trees Girls let our children see that there is more to being a girl than passive princessdom or looking pretty.

The Climbing Trees Girls - outdoors, sporty, creative, practical and capable

Eva (5) is the explorer. She loves to climb trees, go on woodland walks, and hunt for bugs. Her favourite things to do are to go camping, get muddy and build dens.

Maxi (nearly 7) is the creative girl. She loves to paint, make rockets and go skateboarding. Her favourite things to do are visiting the skate park, dancing to music and building stuff out of wood.

B (4) is the sporty girl. She loves to play football, run as fast as she can and play in her treehouse. Her favourite things are ball games, scootering and rock climbing.

Which one does your child best relate to?

Do they have a favourite?

We'd love to hear from you as we have some exciting plans for the Climbing Trees Girls.

Furthermore, as we as parents flip gender stereotypes on their head and empower our daughters to be all they can be, the Climbing Trees Girls characters are on a mission of their own. They plan to encourage families to GET OUTSIDE and have as many OUTDOOR ADVENTURES as possible – because they aren’t children for long!

“We love to climb trees, get muddy, go fishing, play football, go skating and build stuff. C'mon, let's play!”

WATCH THIS SPACE to find out what adventures The Climbing Trees Girls are about to embark on. --- UPDATE --- The Climbing Trees Girls characters have been transformed into characters in the YES YOU CAN STORYBOOK - which successfully funded on Kickstarter!


Here is the Climbing Trees Gallery featuring photographs sent in by parents featuring their children dancing to their own drumbeat, ignoring gender stereotypes and boldly being proud to be themselves. Yay!

If you have a child who likes to dance to the beat of their own drum and loves superheroes, dinosaurs, pirates, trucks and climbing trees... please TWEET us @ClimbingTreesTs with the hashtags #ClimbingTreesKids #activegirls or send your images to us via email:


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