A3 Climbing Trees Manifesto Poster

A3 Climbing Trees Manifesto Poster

The Climbing Trees Manifesto poster makes a wonderful addition to any child's room. Bright and bold, it encourages children to be proud of who they are and offers guidance for their journey ahead. The text is as follows:

Be proud to be you. Be bold. Stand tall.

Smile lots. Be hopeful. Be kind.

Be grateful for all that you have.

Say thank you often.

Play to your strengths. Rise to challenges.

Do what you love and love what you do.

Dream big. Then practice.

Nurture your dreams like seeds.

Climb back up after you fall down.

Learn from mistakes. See them as watering-can sprinkles that help you to grow.

Ask for help instead of asking for things.

Look on the bright side. It’s warmer there.

Notice nature – the high of the sky; the splash of the ocean; the glee of the tree.

Listen to birds. Listen to people.

Dance. Climb. Laugh wildly.

Tickle. Chuckle. Sing loudly.

Make stuff. Build things.

Get outdoors more.

Run barefoot on grass.

Climb trees. Get muddy. Explore.

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